electronic prescriptions made easy with EyeFile

Soon electronic prescriptions will be required for everybody to use. This has a lot of advantages for patients, doctors and pharmacists. But the disadvantage is much more complex procedures and tools to create a prescription. No wonder you have questions and worries how this will work for you.

Worry no longer! EyeFile has a brand new recip-e module. This module not only allows you to make a classic paper prescription, but also allows you to make an electronic prescription in no time!

And the best of all … you can do all of this without changing the way you work! You still have the same easy and proven tools as you had with paper prescriptions, but now for electronic prescriptions as well!

Forget about all the hard work of making the correct eHealth sessions, password, logins and certificates. Setup EyeFile once, … and we will take care of the rest. You just continue caring about your patients.

Can’t wait to see EyeFile making a live electronic prescription? Take a look at this sneak preview, and convince yourself how easy it is:

Please contact us, if you have questions. We’re happy to take your worries away.

For using recip-e, you’ll need to apply for a certificate with eHealth: click here to see some details.

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