Frequently asked questions

How can I install my certificate in EyeFile?

Please take a look at our support website here.

Can I buy my own hardware, or do we need to use hardware from EyeFile?

Well, good news. Both are possible! We even offer a third solution.

  • Own hardware can be used, as long as it meets the system requirements.
  • EyeFile can buy and install the hardware for you.
  • We can recommend some trusted parties who are specialists in hardware. And the best of all, they also know the basics about EyeFile.

What are the system requirements for EyeFile?

You’ll need:

  • A Windows PC
  • At least Windows Vista or higher (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11).
    We still support Windows XP, but due the GDPR regulations, we cannot recommend this anymore.
  • A full HD monitor with at least 1920×1080 pixels.

Can EyeFile work on multiple computers?

Absolutely! We install EyeFile on all computers in your network, so they all work together with a central database. In this way all computers can see the data.

We even do installations over the cloud, so that you can see your data over a secure connection anywhere in the world!

Can EyeFile connect with my autorefractor?


EyeFile can communicate with almost all of the autorefractors, focometers and phoroptors, … regardless the brand.

EyeFile is such a small company. Can you support large customers or any customers at all?

Being a small company is a synonym with being highly efficient and completely customer focused.

Being small allows us to know each and every customer personally, giving precisely the correct and desired support. With EyeFile, you’re not a number in a database.

So we believe our support is much better than you could ever wish for. And you don’t have to believe us, just ask any of the hundreds of happy EyeFile users. The current customer base ranges from very small practices to very large hospitals.

We will take care of you, like you take care of your patients.

What happens if one of the founders can’t do EyeFile anymore, for whatever reason?

Nobody is invincible, we all know that. Bad things can happen 🙁

In any case of event, … EyeFile won’t go away!
Other engineers are trained and have all the source code at all times. So they can always take over the work, and continue EyeFile.

And don’t worry regarding support as well. Well known Belgian companies can take over the support if needed in no time.

So EyeFile is very healthy now … and in the future.