EyeFile philosophy

Ophthalmologists don’t want to worry about their infrastructure or computers. They do want to take care of their patients. They want software which helps them doing what they want to do, at the exact correct moment. An optimal and almost invisible user experience.
Look no further…
Software should be reliable. You want to trust it always. Being reliable also means the best advice for your practice, with no hidden costs.
Because your patients expect the same reliability from you…


EyeFile was created back in 2003, and has since then always pleased many different users. Not only in hospitals, but also in private practices.

Users appreciate EyeFile, because the rich experience, the open mind, and the customer first focus.

EyeFile features

EyeFile has grown over many years to become a full featured software.

You can expect:

  • Easy searching
  • Paper and electronic letters
  • Waiting room for multiple users
  • Special secretary role
  • Agenda
  • Financial follow-up
  • eID compatible
  • Many subsections for different disciplines
  • Medication database
  • recipe integration: click here for details
  • Cloud integration for easy lookup of actual data of contacts
  • User interface in 3 languages: Dutch, French, English
  • … and so many more.


EyeFile also supports a multi view waiting room, in which you can drag and drop patients. Fast, easy and user friendly !!