EyeFile features

EyeFile has grown over many years to become a full featured software.

You can expect:

  • Easy searching
  • Rich eHealth connectors, from Recipe, therapeutic relationship, Cozo reader, Chapter IV, Insurance check, eAttest and eFact.
  • Paper and electronic letters
  • EyeFile in kiosk mode, to allow patients to register automatically
  • Waiting room for multiple users
  • Cloud database options, work from everywhere, without any problems
  • Special secretary role
  • EyeFile HL7 compatible, to integrate EyeFile in a hospital environment
  • Agenda
  • Financial follow-up
  • eID compatible
  • Many subsections for different disciplines
  • Medication database
  • Cloud integration for easy lookup of actual data of contacts
  • User interface in 3 languages: Dutch, French, English
  • … and so many more.

EyeFile also supports a multi view waiting room, in which you can drag and drop patients. Fast, easy and user friendly !!